Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Feb. 11 Rebalancing Power and Sex

Dear friends and members,

February will be a Discussion Meeting facilitated by our members Chuck Olson and Yasuyo Takamatsu.
Bring your thoughts  and questions to share.
The topic to start our discussion: 

Rethinking and Rebalancing Power and Sexual Rules of Behavior in Our Modern  Societies

The past year in particular saw the world of politics, media and entertainment in America  in turmoil as many major figures (predominately men in power) have been publicly shamed and  lost their positions/jobs based on accusations of inappropriate even illegal sexual behavior towards women and youth--including sexual abuse.and rape (over many years).

The spectrum ranges from Roger Ailes and Harvey Weinstein to Garrison Keillor.

One question also remains-- Why have certain men escaped censure?

 Do you know what is happening with #Metoo”,”It is about time” and “”Yes, but ...”on social media?

What are the rights of women? especially as they spend increasing time in the workplace and the values of traditional marriage and pattens of child raising are changing both because of the push for human rights (including equal access to education and careers for all --including women and LGBT people) but also under the pressures of global capitalism and increasing economic inequality and loss of the old protections for working women (unions etc.). 

 Possible points to include: 

1) What about Due Process --the rights of the accused to be innocent until proven guilty  in court 

2) On the other hand why do only some women (and only now) come forward--what is wrong with our legal/police system?

2) Do we need new rules and manners to govern behavior?  Why has "NO" not meant no in intimate encounters?

In our world today --How should men and women (in whatever combinations) meet ? progress towards love and intimacy? possibly commit to long term relationships or marriage?

3) Why is this topic not as sensational in Japan?

We are not looking for final answers but to share our thoughts.

All are welcome.

Venue:International House of Japan
  (Feb. 11, 2018  from 3-5 p.m. at the International House of Japan (Roppongi)  Dinner and further follows.  All are welcome.)  

Peggy Kanada,

Moderator of the Fellowship

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