Tuesday, May 31, 2016

June 12 Meeting - Prof.Ken Tanaka on Religious Tolerance

Dear members and friends of the Fellowship,

Ø  Don't forget our JUNE 12th meeting with Prof. Ken Tanaka (3:00 International House) "Religious Tolerance." 


Ø  And JULY 10th>> All are invited to an informal party (NO regular meeting at International House) 
ANDONY'S (Lebanese gourmet fast food) in Ochanomizu
Start around 4:30

(We have a large table upstairs--note there is no elevator)

Basic Dinner course: 1,500yen
Shared plates of hors d'oeuvres (homos, mutabal, potatoes, salad, bread)

Soup OR Soft drink

One hot wrap sandwich (choice different meats including lamb, beef, chicken) or vegetarian falafel; all come with veggies and spicy or white sauce
Extras like more soup or soft drinks (+250yen/ or order off menu)

Beer or Wine glass @ 600yen (slightly less if we share a bottle of wine)

 Please let the moderator know by email if possible that you will come (so that we can reserve tables)
by Saturday July 9th. 


Andony's is 5 mins from west exit (Koban exit) of Ochanomizu JR station down towards the new Nihon Daigaku  hospital on Meiji Dai dori.
Also Chiyoda/Marunouchi subway lines come into Ochanomizu.
Andony's is also up the hill from Jimbocho (Hanzomon/Mita/Shinjuku line subway station).

Address is >>Chiyoda-ku
Kanda Surugadai 1-8-5

 Peggy Kanada, moderator 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Correction for March 8 meeting

A correction regarding Bonnie's talk.  otherwise the previous post is the same.
Bonnie McClure will do opening remarks about the Chinese poet Wang Wei.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Small topic meeting for March 8th, 2016 - All welcome

Dear friends and members of the Fellowship,


May 8th meeting is a chance for everyone to bring a topic to share.

3:00 to 5:00

International House of Japan (near Azabu-Juban and Roppongi stations)

See their website for directions.

Followed by light dinner (I House cafe) for those who care to stay.


Bonnie McClure will do opening remarks focusing on a spirituality theme in classical Japanese poetry (renga)--in English translation. 

Tentatively Robert Thorton will make a brief presentation on interesting Linguistic research.

A couple of other themes have been mentioned.


Send me your topic and we will put you on the agenda.


Finally your moderator wants to talk briefly about our fellowship now and in the future.

She plans to bring in a tentative charter for our fellowship (which we have never had) , discuss a website update, and listen to your concerns.

 And she will bring in materials about the International Council Of Unitarian Universalists and how joining it might benefit our group and expand our links with other likeminded people through out the world (but especially in Asia). 


Peggy Kanada, moderator  


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

April 10th, 2016 Liane Wakabayashi - Visual art self-portrait insigth workshops

Advance notice about our speaker for April 10th 2016.
Liane Wakabayashi, a long term Tokyo resident, is an artist and writer (and former journalist).

She has created a unique series of visual images (which she has made recently into a set of colorful "Genesis" cards) with which she organizes workshops or individual sessions.
She uses the images to encourage self discovery on certain themes as well as to tap into the sources of creativity and humor that she feels we all posses.
She also employs other visual art (such as in small group workshops based on simple self-portraits) to enable insights about oneself and personality strengths and so deepen self-confidence.
Liane believes that drawing affords people of all ages, even those with NO artistic background, an opportunity to reflect and see new possibilities especially with her guidance and the unexpected links to other images in her Genesis series..

Your moderator agrees that we are never too old to see ourselves anew -- in a fun and unusual way.
Peggy Kanada, moderator

March 13 Lecturer - Copper plated Old buildings - March 16 Lecture at Lakeland

Urgent:   THIS Wed March 16  Lecture on Sunagawa(Tachikawa base) Protests

Our very interesting speaker, Charles Laurier  talked about "erasing history" --how the prewar home/businesses that were 2 story buildings in Tokyo's shita-machi with doban (copper decoration) are disappearing rapidly. He pointed out that at most 200  remain today and had some ideas for their preservation.

 (The one pictured is in the Edo-Tokyo Open Architecture Museum in Kogane, Tokyo.)

Charles recommended the talk by Lakeland College professor, Adam Tompkins.

"The Forgotten Struggle- Sunagawa Toso [Charles explained these were successful if little remembered protests against American Tachikawa air base expansion  that resulted partly in building Showa Kinen Koen] and Acts of Erasure".

March 16


Lakeland College (near Shinjuku Sanchome subway station)

Free and open with out RSVP to all.

See college website for directions. tel 03-3225-0425

Peggy Kanada,  moderator


Saturday, January 23, 2016

March 13 - Charles Laurier on Disappearing Doban Buildings of Pre-War Shimatchi Tokyo

Dear UFT friends,

Our speaker will be :

Charles Laurier, Lakeland College Japan Campus


The Disappearing Doban  Buildings of Pre-war Shitamachi Tokyo: 

What is worth  passing on of  our 20th century city-scape and history?


The copper-plated doban buildings of pre-war shitamachi represent one of the last living connections to traditional Edo and survived the building of a "modern" Tokyo after the 1923 Earthquake.

Unique in world architecture, these mostly 2-story retail /residential buildings, like all structures in Tokyo, have a very short life expectancy, and there are only a few left. Laurier will discuss their origins,  noteworthy features and variations(part of kamban commercial architecture), and will conclude with some thoughts about the prospects for preservation.


Sunday, February 14

3:00-5:00 (with dinner afterwards for those who can stay)

International House ((国際文化会館) between  Azabu-juban and Roppongi stations. See their website for a map. 


News update: Our January speaker Michael Berman made a thoughtful and enlightening discussion of modern (even post-modern) "relationless" society with a focus on Japan. We all felt it would be great to invite him again during the next year or so that he pursues his research based in Tokyo.


Peggy Kanada, moderator

Thursday, December 10, 2015

January meeting: Working to Relate: Religion, Care, and Allienation in Japan - Michael Berman

Dear friends and members of the Fellowship,

    We have an interesting speaker scheduled for our first meeting in the new year. Please mark your calendars.

Sunday January 10

3:00 to 5:00 (join us for supper afterwards)

International House 国際文化会館(see their website for directions)

Michael Berman, researcher  (religious studies/anthropology) and Ph.d candidate at Univ of California, San Diego.

Working to Relate:  Religion, Care, and Alienation in Contemporary Japan.” 

A high number of suicides and the "lonely deaths" of people who die alone without family, along with  various issues associated with a dwindling birth rate have led many reporters to refer to contemporary Japan as a "relation-less" society

In this presentation, Berman  will talk about some of the challenges of working to relate to other people in contemporary Japan, including challenges that come from within the particular ways that people are working to care for each other. 

Peggy Kanada, moderator

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