Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jan 10 Speaker What it is like Growing up Unitarian

After a long series of speakers on other religions and cultures, the group is going to start off the new year talking about the group that has given us our name.

On January 10th, Skip Swanson will talk to us about what it was like growing up in a Unitarian Church. His parents were married in the church, were active and he grew up in Des Moines as a member before wondering off to Tokyo and searching for other alternatives, but still feels like that church is his church.

Skip is a 20-year resident of Japan, a great piano player, sings in the British Embassy choir and is a personal and relationship coach and teacher. None of that says much about what he will talk about, but it is all part of his charm. He also will be one of the younger speakers that the group has had for some time.

After the war, the Unitarian Fellowship of Tokyo had many members of all ages, with enough family members with children that care had to be provided for them. The participation of late has tended to an older group, but either through good luck or a response to reach out more, four totally new persons showed up last week and were very welcome. Hopefully, this will be the start of a trend.

If you need help finding the meeting place, please feel free to call the International House, as they are very helpful.

On February 14, the speaker will be Gene Reeves speaking on Women in Buddhism. Details to follow.

Seasons Greetings.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visit to the Tokyo Camii Mosque, Yoyogi–Uehara Feb 21, 2010

Visit to the Tokyo Camii Mosque, Yoyogi–Uehara
Join Prof. Vivek Pinto on a study visit to this Turkish founded and oldest mosques in the Tokyoarea on Sunday, 21 February, 2010. It will be an unique opportunity to experience and learn about Islam in English.
2:15 Meet at the ticket wicket (kaisatsu) of Yoyogi-Uehara Station (Chiyoda and Odakyu lines).
2:30 Introduction at mosque (front lounge).
2:45 Observe prayers. Women must wear scarf head-coverings, provided, or bring your own. We will sit on carpets on the floor.
3:00 Mr. H. Durakoglu of the Tokyo Camii (a Turkish word which means “the place where people get together”)
TurkishCulturalCenterwill talk about religious practices and faith concepts of Islam (English translation).
3:30 Turkish tea and further discussion with Prof. Pinto, who will have provided a glossary. Photography of the splendid calligraphic
decoration inside the mosque and architecture will be permitted after prayers.

We will collect a small fee on the day as a donation and thank you gift.

This trip is organized by the Unitarian Fellowship of Tokyo and College Women’s Association of Japan.

Numbers are limited, please RSVP to:

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