Friday, August 18, 2017

Sept Meeting - NOH and Unitarian priniciples

Dear friends and members of the Fellowship,

I have more details about our upcoming meeting.

Sunday September 10   3:00-5:00 pm.
Venue: International House of Japan (国際文化会館)

Everyone welcome for refreshments or dinner in the I House Cafe for those who can stay and join our speakers.   
See the International House website for map or call for directions. 

Between Roppongi and Azabu Juban subway stations.

The presentation is entitled "Like Leaves of Autumn." 

It is  a joint project (lecture, visual presentation and discussion) of  Kenneth Lawrence and his wife, sumi-e painter Kumiko. 

It will explore how themes (especially grounded in Buddhism)  in the traditional performance of NOH link up to core values expressed in Five Principles of  the Unitarian/ Universalists---

>inherent worth of every person


>our search for meaning/truth

>importance of personal conscience

>respect for the interdependent web of existence.

The Lawrences are  based in the Seattle area, but in recent years have traveled to make presentations in many places. This includes  recently at Sakuracon (Pacific Northwest anime convention) and Hawaii (2015). 

Kumiko, whose paintings we will see, comes from a family of Noh performers. 

They met in 1990. 

Kenneth is an educator(ESL) , author and journalist.  He studied music and Asian theater, receiving an MA from the University of Hawaii in 2003 after many years in Tokyo, including at the International Theater Institute of the National Noh Gakudo (1988-96) and later as  journal editor and  writer all while studying Noh performance.  I understand his later studies of Asian theater traditions have also made him an expert in Himalayan singing bowl healing. 

 He writes that he hopes the presentation will help us to transform "life's uncertainties into a sense of tranquility, appreciation and wonder."

your moderator,

Peggy Kanada


October 8 Fellowship meeting will feature Paul McCarthy talking about  "The recent movie "Silence" (based on Endo's famous novel)."

November 12 Andreas Preuss
 "Making Violins in Japan--the search to replicate a Stradivarius instrument"

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