Thursday, April 27, 2017

May 14 "Shamanic Tradition in Chinese Poetry" Bonnie McClure and Basque and Japanese similarities Ron Thorton

Dear friends and members of the U Fellowship for Tokyo,
I am sorry for the late notification but we have had problems confirming a speaker.
Sunday, May 14...
Usual time (3:00-5:00) with dinner afterwards if you care to join us.
Place: International House of Japan (国際文化会館)
near Roppongi and Azabu-juban subway stations

Our member (and retired professor) Ron Thornton promises a short but intriguing look at possible linguistic similarities (connections?) between Basque language and Japanese (including Ainu).
As an example, he writes, for you to consider as evidence for some sort of ancient connection between Bq and Jp, not a grammatical one but maybe no less an interesting one. The Japanese expression kitsune no yomeiri 'wedding of foxes, foxes' wedding', means 'sunshower', that is rain falling while the sun is shining at the same time. The Basque equivalent is azari ezkonza (azari, 'fox' ezkonza 'wedding"), that is, "foxes' wedding'), likewise meaning a 'sunshower' (Bq z pronounced more as a "heavy" s).

And for our main speaker, our member Bonnie McClure, Ph.D candidate at Aoyama University, will talk about "The Shamanic Tradition in Chinese Poetry."
Our meeting should prove an interesting one with a culture and language focus.
Please invite a friend.
As Tom Eskildsen talked about at our April meeting, JummaNet is still accepting donations to their account for emergency relief for Rohingya people who have fled across the border into Bangladesh from violent persecution in Burma by certain Buddhist elements and the military.
Your moderator,
Peggy Kanada

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