Monday, January 16, 2017

News on Fukushima (from Nov 2016)

Dear friends and members of the Unitarian Fellowship of Tokyo,

    You may know that your moderator  made a trip with a group from International Association of Liberal Religious Women (founded by Unitarians in 1910 and now the oldest inter religious women's group working for peace) to Fukushima on Oct 23 and 24.

 We met with several people and groups including A3 (the supportNPO for mothers in "safe" Koreyama 40 kilo from Nuclear Power Plant #1) and Pastor Kawakami Naoya (United Church and Touhoku Help NPO).

The Japanese press,officials,TEPCO   and cowered Fukushima Medical Association are not reporting the true radiation effects and problems and the delayed cleanup situation.

Pastor Kawakami based in Sendai continues to work with local people suffering from the effects of the earthquake,tsunami and especially radiation now more than 6.7 years ago. 

He sent me this recent article --translated into English--that appeared in the Spanish paper El Mundo in March 2016.

See you on November 13 (International House 3:00) for our speaker Paul McCartin on GMO's and genetic engineering.

Peggy Kanada

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