Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 13 Lecturer - Copper plated Old buildings - March 16 Lecture at Lakeland

Urgent:   THIS Wed March 16  Lecture on Sunagawa(Tachikawa base) Protests

Our very interesting speaker, Charles Laurier  talked about "erasing history" --how the prewar home/businesses that were 2 story buildings in Tokyo's shita-machi with doban (copper decoration) are disappearing rapidly. He pointed out that at most 200  remain today and had some ideas for their preservation.

 (The one pictured is in the Edo-Tokyo Open Architecture Museum in Kogane, Tokyo.)

Charles recommended the talk by Lakeland College professor, Adam Tompkins.

"The Forgotten Struggle- Sunagawa Toso [Charles explained these were successful if little remembered protests against American Tachikawa air base expansion  that resulted partly in building Showa Kinen Koen] and Acts of Erasure".

March 16


Lakeland College (near Shinjuku Sanchome subway station)

Free and open with out RSVP to all.

See college website for directions. tel 03-3225-0425

Peggy Kanada,  moderator


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