Monday, January 5, 2015

Coming meetings - Jan. 11: Laity, Feb. 8: Insects, March 8: Peace

Dear friends and members of the Unitarian Fellowship,


January meeting: January 11, 2015  at #402 of International House of Japan.

Our speaker will be Dominick Scarangello (scholar of Shugendo, International advisor to Rissho Koseikai). [Topic to be announced]


February meeting: February 8, 2015 

Charlotte Payne (Oxford and Rikkyo Universities)

Entomophagy (the eating of insects--from traditional food cultures to feeding the developing world to entrepreneurial new businesses)


March meeting: March 8, 2015

Kathy R Matsui (Seisen University)

Tentative title-- NARPI and Successful Peace Education Initiatives


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