Saturday, March 22, 2014

April 13 Rabbi David Kunin Explore Jewish traditions and beliefs

From: Peggy Kanada, moderator
Rabbi David Kunin from the Jewish Community Center of Tokyo explores Jewish traditions and beliefs  
April 13 3:00-5:00 PM, International House of Roppongi, 4th Floor  - open to everyone

Dear members and friends of the Fellowship,
Did you notice news of Rio's or New Orleans' "Carnival" and...
that we then entered the Christian 40 days of Lent on the next
day>>March 12 this year?
Lent is traditionally a time for reflection and abstinence in
preparation for Easter the greatest festival in the Christian year.
Lent/Easter changes every year based on the old lunar calendar
that is still maintained by Jews who inform us that Passover will
start April 15th this year. Because, of course, according to the New
Testament Jesus, a Jew and around the age of 30 , went up to the great
city and temple of Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover.
And it was at Passover that Christians believe he was rounded
up, tried, executed and buried. "And on the third day rose from the
dead and later ascended into Heaven...from whence he shall come to
judge the quick and the dead".
Unitarians are part of a "living tradition..which draws from many
sources." We look to Judeo-Christian writings as an important
inspiration in our ethical and spiritual life. In particular we see in
Jewish and Christian teachings the call to us to respond to God's love
by loving our neighbors as ourselves.
In this season it is particularly appropriate to have Rabbi
David Kunin of the Jewish Community Center of Tokyo join us to talk
about the Passover and explore Jewish traditions and beliefs.

Sunday April 13 3:00-5:00 International House

Peggy Kanada, Moderator

I hope to see many of you at our April meeting

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