Monday, October 7, 2013

Oct. 13 Art and Human Development - John Clammer

Please invite a friend to join us for this interesting talk from a scholar of developing economies(especially in Southeast Asia) whose recent research includes an examination of so called tribal people's cultures--what is art? what is modern? extending perhaps to thinking about what is essential to being human?
John, has been associated with the United Nations University for over a decade, and is now visiting professor.  He has written fifteen books, including “Diaspora and Identity: The Sociology of Culture in Southeast Asia” (2003), “Race and State in Independent Singapore: The Cultural Politics of Pluralism in a Multiethnic Society” (1998); Japan and Its Others: Globalization, Difference and the Critique of Modernity” (2001) and “Diaspora and Belief: Globalization, Religion and Identity in Postcolonial Asia” (2009).

You can read more about him at

John has generously spoken to us several times, and we always find his talks stimulating, informative and enjoyable.

Hope to see you at the International House of Roppongi at 3 pm October 13 on the fourth floor meeting room.   Everyone is welcome to this and all monthly meetings of the Unitarian Fellowship of Tokyo where we welcome new people and both new and old thoughts.

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