Monday, January 7, 2013

Jan 13 Meeting - Steven Morgan on his Requiem of Peace

Dear Friends and members of the Unitarian Fellowship of Tokyo,

     A  Happy New Year to you and all you love! May the year bring health and peace.


 January 13

3:00 International House

      A presentation with musical excerpts by Steven Morgan, who has spoken to the fellowship before. He has become well-known in Tokyo for his teaching and work  with chorus groups and church choirs (as well as musical composing). He will talk about his recently completed Requiem. 

This is a work for baritone soloist, chorus and orchestra that he  composed for Rikkyo University last year entitled "In pace: A Requiem of Peace." 

  February 10 (2013) --John Amari, who works within an intellectual property organization. He will talk about’ “Intellectual Property and the Right to Community Identity. Should the terms "Parmigiano" and "Champagne" be used exclusively by people who live in those regions or also by similar producers who use the same processes and ingredients??Originally a fight between old Europe and North America, as intellectual property laws and values spread, the issue will become more important in Asia, Africa, and South America.


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