Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sept 9 Double Program - Food Sustainability / Communication

Dear friends and members of the Unitarian Fellowship of Tokyo,

   We had a good turn out at our annual pot luck at the Kanada home on July 8th. 

Chuck Roberts, now our oldest fellowship member, joined us-- arriving on his bicycle in the heat! 

We also enjoyed the intellectually challenging remarks of gracious Father Leo Lefebure, professor at Georgetown Univ and guest of Miriam Levering.

 Later in the evening two Korean photographers (now living in Japan)  came by at Murata Nobuhiko's invitation. It was an unexpected and interesting opportunity to meet Ahn Sehong who was just finishing up his controversial show at Nikon Gallery (it went to court and was in the news) about his photos of "Sex Slave/Comfort Women" --that is  women of Korean heritage who are now in their eighties and living in China. We looked at his album of photos of women who have managed to survive but who have never received an apology or compensation and whose lives were blighted by their experiences at the hands of the Japanese. 

Next Meeting:

September 9     3:00 at International House. 

>>An Exciting "Double " Program<<

Prof Fujimoto Akimi: Revitalization, Sustainability and Education.

 He will talk about his recent initiative to start  and run a local company to re-develop idle land in Niigata for sustainable organic food cultivation with community/student  participation.

 It is an interesting story and may be an inspiring model for  other communities or NPO's that many of us work with or support. Also issues/data about  FOOD SAFETY seem even more relevant  since 3/11.

 Fujimoto is a professor at Tokyo Univ of Agriculture (Nodai). Please  check the web about his organization  called "Jonodai"

 Helen Fujimoto,  who also  introduced Akimi to our fellowship , during our opening half hour will give us a brief introduction to Presence Based Communication or  "the Art of Being in Context". She is a certified practitioner and will lead us in this  opportunity to experience a kind of  meditation  (focusing and empowerment)  through  an exercise of "speaking circles".

We look forward to seeing our old friend and  member Bonnie McClure who expects to be in Tokyo on a short visit before starting a graduate school program.

Peggy Kanada, moderator


Mackensie Leigh said...

Hello! My name is Mackensie, and I work at the Franciscan Chapel Center, also in Roppongi. Soon we are hoping to start a series of inter-faith events, and I believe the Unitarian community could make a particularly valuable contribution to our discussions and gatherings. If you're interested, please contact me at the church. I hope to hear from you soon!

Brooke Rappaport said...

Hello, my name is Brooke, and I'm a student at the KCP international language school in Shinjuku. I have been looking for a spiritual learning community here in Tokyo, and a friend of mine in the U.S. recommended I try to find out if there was a Unitarian community here...and it looks like there is! I am wondering how I can attend a meeting for the first time, is there any special process or do I just need to show up at the location mentioned on your website? I'm eager to meet people of varying beliefs, experiences, and opinions here in Tokyo. Please let me know what the best way to go about attending a meeting is (I'd be interested in going to your next one on Sept. 9th, for example). My email is, in case it is easier to contact me back that way. Thanks so much!

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