Sunday, April 24, 2011

May 8 Meeting Doreen Simmons - Religion in Japan

Dear members and frieds of the Fellowship,

We had a lot of participants turn out for our April meeting.
Jim Dorsey, a Dartmouth professor on sabbatical in Japan, made an excellent presentation about the Japanese folk song movement of the 1960's which was thought-provoking about issues related to society at that time (and now) and such themes as the anti-war movement.

His presentation with photos and videos/sound was made possible by our member Chuck Olson's investment in a projector/speakers, which he will loan to us in the future too. Thank you Chuck from all of us.

Next meeting comes early in the month --- Sunday May 8th 3:00 p.m. Internationa House. (Intl House reception for any quieries is tel 3570-4611)

Our speaker will be long-time Tokyoite and early member of our fellowship from the time that founder Ken Woodruff was our leader -- Doreen Simmons. You probably know Doreen, who has been active under many hats and enriched the lives of so many of us English speakers in Japan. She has been the commentator/expert on Sumo. Formidible actress. Singer including in the British Embassy Choir and a stallwart member of St. Alban's Anglican Church. Contributor to many groups and causes (for which she modestly refuses recognition).

She will speak about her experiences of religion in Japan.

Peggy Kanada, moderator

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