Sunday, February 28, 2010

Camii Mosque Visit February 21, 2010

On Feb 21 Fellowship and CWAJ members and other guests (38 people) joined Vivek Pinto to visit the Turkish founded Camii Mosque (in Yoyogi-Uehara). The new building (rebuilt in 2000) is a beautiful example of Turkish/Ottoman style dome architecture and calligraphic decoration. Imam Yenturk spoke eloquently about the practices and beliefs of Islam, emphasising the non-violent and humane teachings of the faith. We were fortunate to have Nadia El Borai (a CWAJ member) and a practicing Muslim originally from Egypt to add her insightful perspective to our question and answer session, chaired by Vivek who had also prepared and made copies of an excellent reference/glossary for us.

By Peggy Kanada, moderator

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Tokyo Unitarian Fellowship said...

Many thanks to Imam Yenturk for his kind explanations of the prayer, the Mosque and the good that is at the heart of Islam.

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