Monday, April 27, 2009

Meetings from May

The English-speaking International Buddhist Congregation (sponsored by Rissho Kosei Kai--the lay group dedicated in Nichiren's tradition to gleaning inspiration from the Lotus Sutra) celebrated the birth and Nirvana of the historical Buddha (Shakyamuni or Oshaka-sama).
--This annual Hanamatsuri or festival--was held this year on April 12th at the Niwano founder's hall out in Suginami-ku. It was a beautiful day and a colorful, inspiring, and flower filled ceremony with many other Buddhists and several embassies and many people (some in lovely traditional costumes from their countries like Sri lanka or Korea) also participating in thanksgiving and a general prayer for world peace. Delicious food and activities like a tea ceremony were also provided.
Gene Reeves (who preached the sermon or Dharma talk), Bonnie M. and Peggy from the Unitarian fellowship attended.

At 3:00 on 4/12 --on what was also Easter--the Fellowship met with Father O'Leary, a professor from Sohpia Univ, to hear his challenging presentation about Dostoyevsky (especially his 19th c novel Crime and Punishment) and the Resurrection.

Next Meeting:
May 10th 3:00-5:00
At International House (near Roppongi and Azabu Juban subway stations)
Our speaker will be the Rev. Katsuji SUZUKI (who has attended our fellowship meetings and actually studied and rec'd a degree at the Lombard Unitarian Divinity school in Chicago). He is with Rissho Kosei Kai and can answer questions about the ties of this group with Unitarians.
His topic: Buddhism for Sustainable Peace.

Our June 14th meeting will welcome Denis Morrel who will show slides of his extensive hiking forays amidst the beautiful sites (like Monument Valley national park) of the American southwest.

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