Sunday, July 6, 2008

Past Speakers

June 2008
William Parker, chairman spoke on the History of the Unitarian Mission in Japan

May 2008
Reverend Paul Koroluk of the St. Jude Ukrainian Orthodox Mission,
His subject will be: “Orthodox Christianity”

April 2008
John Clammer traveled to India during February and March and brought us an up-to-date picture of developments there. His subject was: “India between Tradition and the Future”

March 2008
Dr. Joseph O'Leary of Sophia University spoke on the Heart Sutra, the shortest of all Sutras and core to the Buddhist concept of emptiness.

February 2008
Susan Martin, teacher of creative writing at Lakeland College, spoke on“How to Watch a Movie”

January 2008
Dr. Robert Dujarric, Director, Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies (ICJS) at Temple University in

November 2007
Dr. Paul McCarthy,Professor of Comparative Culture at Surugadai University. Dr. McCarthy showed movie excerpts and explained “Ugetsu”, the famous Japanese film with the story by Akinari and the film directed by Mizoguchi. His topic wasJapan’s International Role in 2008.

October 2007
Dr. John Clammer, Professor of Sociology at Sophia spoke on "Shinto and Ecology: New Foundations for Religious Environmentalism”

September 2007
Dr. Steven Morgan who is a Professor in the Department of English, the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Daito Bunka University. Dr. Morgan is also choir director and organist at St. Albans.
His subject will be “Music and Peace…the Inner and Outer Journey”

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